November 18, 2012

Wind at my back today.

So, I am getting back into this running thing. A few days of soreness, but it has been quite a while since I logged 7 miles. Not fast, but I got it done.

I started off running into the wind. I like that. It  helps me think that I will be getting just a bit of a push at the back end.

I had some Statler Bros, Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson on the fir 3.5 miles. Food for the fiddling mind. A could of tough uphills.

The back 3.5 miles was easier. Faster. More enjoyable. Wind at my back, knowing I would log 7 today.

Pandora Radio ( had me tuned into Mercyme radio. If there is one thing I have been trying to grab onto when I have me time, and can run, it is time for a bit of good, Christian radio.

I spent some good time thinking about the dad I have been. Some time about how lucky I am to have a wife that let's me out for a couple hours to find a trail and run. That wind at my back was more than wind today. It was a bit of help from the big man.

I finished, felt good, and called my bride to check in. It was a great time to tell her how much I love her, and thank her for letting me clear my head, and run.

The run was just one part of my day that I enjoyed. I went to mass twice today. Once to usher. I had a lot of fun greeting other, opening car doors for people and generally trying to be infectious with hospitality.

The second mass was the "rock n roll" mass. I feel free to sing and get good energy from this mass.

One more day in the life of a dad. I am gonna be sore tomorrow. But, it was worth it today!

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