November 19, 2012

Day Off

So, I would have loved to do this today. But, I had to be in the office. It was a day off from thinking. Mostly.

I plugged in Club MTV Party to Go, Vol. 1 into the CD player on the way to the office. And blasted REM's Document on the way home.

A bit sore from the run yesterday. But, am realizing, time off is also time to relax.

I didn't worry about fitness. I let my day go on it's natural course.

Tomorrow, I will be traveling, so no run then either.

I have time on the plane, and I am hoping I can fill it with some prayer. Some sleep, and some more recovery.

Then, early Wednesday, maybe I can start my week. 5 days off, with family (yes, prayers needed) and away from the grind.

Looking for a good solid recharge. Looking to find another piece of the puzzle.

And, maybe this random goofy internet image posting will become a thing!

November 18, 2012

Wind at my back today.

So, I am getting back into this running thing. A few days of soreness, but it has been quite a while since I logged 7 miles. Not fast, but I got it done.

I started off running into the wind. I like that. It  helps me think that I will be getting just a bit of a push at the back end.

I had some Statler Bros, Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson on the fir 3.5 miles. Food for the fiddling mind. A could of tough uphills.

The back 3.5 miles was easier. Faster. More enjoyable. Wind at my back, knowing I would log 7 today.

Pandora Radio ( had me tuned into Mercyme radio. If there is one thing I have been trying to grab onto when I have me time, and can run, it is time for a bit of good, Christian radio.

I spent some good time thinking about the dad I have been. Some time about how lucky I am to have a wife that let's me out for a couple hours to find a trail and run. That wind at my back was more than wind today. It was a bit of help from the big man.

I finished, felt good, and called my bride to check in. It was a great time to tell her how much I love her, and thank her for letting me clear my head, and run.

The run was just one part of my day that I enjoyed. I went to mass twice today. Once to usher. I had a lot of fun greeting other, opening car doors for people and generally trying to be infectious with hospitality.

The second mass was the "rock n roll" mass. I feel free to sing and get good energy from this mass.

One more day in the life of a dad. I am gonna be sore tomorrow. But, it was worth it today!

November 15, 2012

Makes all I do look simple, right?

I could easily go without words and let the video say it all.

But instead, I will say, simply, Rick and Dick Hoyt have raised the bar.

Talk about striking a commitment and balance to Faith, Fitness and Fatherhood.

Enough with the typing, I am going to watch it again!

November 14, 2012

Why now?

The last, of the 6, marathons that I have run was in Spring 2010.

I really miss it. I miss being a marathoner, an endurance athlete. I miss being the guy who got up early, ran before work and had energy all day.

That was about 50 pounds ago. Now, a run is sporadic. Wheezy. Achey. Sometimes painful. I live near hills, they don't all go down. I have 4 kids. They don't want me to go.

I like beer. I love ice cream. I work. I am a husband. I have stress.

See why I miss the run? There was always a start and a finish. An expectation that I set, one that I was accountable to. I competed against me.

I am proud of the runner I am (not gonna let the old days go yet).
  • 6 Marathons, Chicago 2x, Phoenix 2x, Madison 2x
  • About 8 or so Half Marathons
  • A sprint triathlon - keep reading, I am not a triathlete.
  • A 50 mile Ultra-Marathon.Which you can see below, I finished holding hands with my oldest two boys! Awesome.

I am proud to be a husband. 4 Kids. Yep, we have 4 kids. Who qualified me to have 4 kids? Well, no backing out now. What's done is done!

So, why now? Why a blog? Why an outlet?

Well, it is to find balance. To dig into myself, and build me up. Self serving. Yep.

I know it is beginning that way, but, with any luck, one other dad will read this and visit more than once. A dad will share this. A wife will ask her husband to read this. Maybe it will make a ripple!

So, here is my inital, subject to change, list of objectives:
  1. Run two marathons in 2013.
  2. Lose 30-50 pounds or be able to fit into that closet full of clothes that I have.
  3. Smile more and have the energy to wrassle with the kids, play and goof off with them.
  4. Balance work, family, fitness and faith. 
  5. Be happier.
Big goals. Big challenges.

So, if you happen by here, stop by. PLEASE comment, I need inspiration too, and share it if you are inclined.