November 19, 2012

Day Off

So, I would have loved to do this today. But, I had to be in the office. It was a day off from thinking. Mostly.

I plugged in Club MTV Party to Go, Vol. 1 into the CD player on the way to the office. And blasted REM's Document on the way home.

A bit sore from the run yesterday. But, am realizing, time off is also time to relax.

I didn't worry about fitness. I let my day go on it's natural course.

Tomorrow, I will be traveling, so no run then either.

I have time on the plane, and I am hoping I can fill it with some prayer. Some sleep, and some more recovery.

Then, early Wednesday, maybe I can start my week. 5 days off, with family (yes, prayers needed) and away from the grind.

Looking for a good solid recharge. Looking to find another piece of the puzzle.

And, maybe this random goofy internet image posting will become a thing!

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