November 14, 2012

Why now?

The last, of the 6, marathons that I have run was in Spring 2010.

I really miss it. I miss being a marathoner, an endurance athlete. I miss being the guy who got up early, ran before work and had energy all day.

That was about 50 pounds ago. Now, a run is sporadic. Wheezy. Achey. Sometimes painful. I live near hills, they don't all go down. I have 4 kids. They don't want me to go.

I like beer. I love ice cream. I work. I am a husband. I have stress.

See why I miss the run? There was always a start and a finish. An expectation that I set, one that I was accountable to. I competed against me.

I am proud of the runner I am (not gonna let the old days go yet).
  • 6 Marathons, Chicago 2x, Phoenix 2x, Madison 2x
  • About 8 or so Half Marathons
  • A sprint triathlon - keep reading, I am not a triathlete.
  • A 50 mile Ultra-Marathon.Which you can see below, I finished holding hands with my oldest two boys! Awesome.

I am proud to be a husband. 4 Kids. Yep, we have 4 kids. Who qualified me to have 4 kids? Well, no backing out now. What's done is done!

So, why now? Why a blog? Why an outlet?

Well, it is to find balance. To dig into myself, and build me up. Self serving. Yep.

I know it is beginning that way, but, with any luck, one other dad will read this and visit more than once. A dad will share this. A wife will ask her husband to read this. Maybe it will make a ripple!

So, here is my inital, subject to change, list of objectives:
  1. Run two marathons in 2013.
  2. Lose 30-50 pounds or be able to fit into that closet full of clothes that I have.
  3. Smile more and have the energy to wrassle with the kids, play and goof off with them.
  4. Balance work, family, fitness and faith. 
  5. Be happier.
Big goals. Big challenges.

So, if you happen by here, stop by. PLEASE comment, I need inspiration too, and share it if you are inclined.

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